Gravity Forms Date Dropper Field

Uploaded ON: Wed Apr 05 05:05:47 +1000 2017
Category: Forms
Tags: calendar, date field, datedropper, datepicker, datepicker addon, datepicker field, datepicker fields, datepicker plugin, form fields, forms, gravity forms, gravity forms addon, gravity forms datepicker, gravity forms field

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EsteKit – Responsive Material Design Admin Template

Uploaded ON: Sat Apr 01 02:51:33 +1100 2017
Category: Admin Templates
Tags: admin dashboard, animations, backend, calendar, dashboard, design, google, material, modern, premium template, ui framework, ui kit, web app

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Material Wrap – Multipurpose Admin Theme

Uploaded ON: Tue Mar 28 04:05:15 +1100 2017
Category: Admin Templates
Tags: admin, admin panel, bootstrap, calendar, charts, chat, components, dashboard, ecommerce, file manager, mail, material, material design, ui, web app

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Adminbag – Admin Responsive Template & Dashboard

Uploaded ON: Mon Mar 20 05:33:21 +1100 2017
Category: Admin Templates
Tags: calendar, charts, contacts, dashboard, e commerce pages, gallery, invoice page, issue tracker, mailbox, maps, multi level menu, page layouts, profile, register page, search results

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Trinity – Dashboard Html Template

Uploaded ON: Fri Mar 03 12:31:58 +1100 2017
Category: Admin Templates
Tags: admin, admin template, calendar, clean, dashboard, form, grid, less, manage, minimalistic, projects, tasks, team

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OnSchedule – A Booking Theme for Business and Retail

Uploaded ON: Tue Jan 31 02:07:43 +1100 2017
Category: Business
Tags: appointment, beauty, booking, calendar, clean, consulting, education, fitness, modern, one page, payment, reservation, restaurant, schedule, shop

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Events Calendar Magento 2 extension

Uploaded ON: Sun Jan 22 17:10:42 +1100 2017
Category: Magento Extensions
Tags: calendar, drcsystems, ecommerce, event booking, events, events calendar, magento, magento extension, Magento2, magento2 extension, magento2.x

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Tiva Timetable For WordPress

Uploaded ON: Thu Jan 19 01:04:23 +1100 2017
Category: Calendars
Tags: activities, agenda, calendar, classes, courses, event, event calendar, festival, gym, plan, schedule, time, timetable, wordpress calendar, wordpress event

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